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"I've learned more here in one day than I did in a full week at other training courses." -- Recent graduate

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Convenient Staggered Scheduling - Each week can be attended according to your needs, minimizing the interruptions to your client commitments.

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International Medical is proud to support ISOs as they prepare to enter the Toshiba service market, as well as hospitals and imaging centers that want to break free of OEM contracts by bringing CT service in-house.  Our program is the premier launching pad for engineers who want to elevate their skill set to the Aquilion CT series.


Our facility boasts a uniquely comprehensive learning for our trainees, and our low student-to-teacher ratio allows for vital one-on-one instruction. Trainees will go beyond the classroom to perform exercises based on real-world service situations.
The technology is here at our Training Facility, with the Aquilion 4-, 16- and 64-slice platforms on site.  We have all generator (including Spellman), console and HV tank types available--leaving no gaps in the curriculum.


Upon completion of our two-week program, graduates will be able to meet and exceed all service requirements for the Toshiba Aquilion 4-, 16- and 64-Slice platforms, including:

  • Perform basic system operations, including test scans and diagnostic software
  • Identify and know locations of hardware within gantry, console, REC box, CPU box and patient couch
  • Execute installation, performance checks and verification of all multi-slice Aquilion platforms
  • Perform PM service, including cleaning, calibrations and slip-ring maintenance
  • Complete system software loads and system connectivity through DICOM
  • Troubleshoot and repair major system components using diagnostic software, service manuals and error logs
  • Replace and repair major system components to include X-ray tube, generator and detector

IMES Classroom


It is important to us that the two-week training marks the beginning of a valuable partnership.  The features below are available to all graduates:

  • Ongoing Technical Support - Our training staff will continue to support our grads long after the course has ended
  • A Trusted Parts Provider - During their time as trainees, your engineers have seen our QA processes and reliable Toshiba parts capability firsthand
  • Updated Materials - The latest course materials will always be available to graduates through a secure website
  • Graduate Forum - The most valuable training of all is often among peers; that is why we have built a private forum to post tips, ask questions and share best practices.


 "The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and presents the material well.  I'd call it 'Real World Service Education."

"To me, the training here exceeded that of OEMs and other providers.  I would recommend anyone take this class to learn Aquilion CT service."

"The step-by-step guides and block diagrams are excellent!"

"I came to IMES Platinum Training to learn system software, diagnostics tools and troubleshooting, hardware theory and data flow---ALL were covered.  It was perfect; seemed custom-tailored for me."

"The training certainly boosts my confidence; I look forward to taking the knowledge I gained into the field."

"The ability to work on three operational scanners is a great learning tool!"

"The staff at International Medical is very friendly and professional; I felt very welcome."

"The training was excellent; thorough and easily understandable."

"I highly recommend IMES Training to others."


We believe that one week can get you somewhat familiar with a system, but two weeks are needed if you want to truly provide excellent service to your clients.

Convenient Staggered Scheduling - Each week can be attended according to your needs, minimizing the interruptions to your client commitments.

Enroll in the industry's best Toshiba CT training today!
TREY McINTYRE - - 704 739-3597 ext. 4000